Website Questionnaire

A consistent brand experience is essential to growing your audience. Your website should reflect your unique point of view and attract your ideal customers and clients.
This Questionnaire helps us bring your vision to life. So the more detail you can provide the more options we have to explore.

Official Name
Main Contact for Project Comms
Main Contact for Project Comms
Brief Questions
(i.e. Bhive Design Co. versus Bhivedesignco)
a) If your brand was a person, describe his or her personality traits. b) If your brand was a car, what make, model and colour would it be? c) If your brand was an outfit, what would it be?
List any examples that you have seen. Website URL's are helpful. Tip: Pinterest boards are a great idea to collect all your inspiration in one place. Make sure to send us the link so we can have a sneaky peek.
Include examples you liked how the colour was use.