Testimonial 3

"Working with Bianca is effortless. She deeply understands my brand and business objectives, and works tirelessly to create solutions that meet my needs and budget. Her customer service and committed work ethic is nothing short of outstanding, and this extends to the creatives and developers working along side her. I would (and often do) highly recommend Bianca and Bhive Design."

- Rebecca, Soul Sister Circle

Testimonial 2

"Having worked with Bianca for almost six years, across a number of digital projects, I've come to trust her implicitly with all forms of design. With creativity at her core, Bianca has been able to translate both complicated or even really vague briefs into user centric, purposeful, engaging and on brand work for me across website design, social media, logo development and traditional media. "

- Michelle Tucker

Testimonial 1

"Working with Bianca is a sigh of relief. I've worked with her on a few projects, with the biggest being putting together the site for a festival I did. She worked so hard, with enthusiasm and passion to turn my vision into a reality. The site is completely what made the marketing and sales for the event and totally embodied exactly how I wanted the site to feel. She is communicative, creative, transparent and an absolute joy to work with. She genuinely cares about each project that she does."

- Olivia, Don't Tell Summer