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The Client On-boarding process is A GREAT START FOR OUTLINING OUR NEXT STEPS TOGETHER, HOW WE WORK AND also PACKED full of RESOURCES TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND OUR CREATIVE PROCESS. Have a read through and Bookmark this page as it will come in handy in the future and we are consistently adding new content to it.

Let’s Get It Started In Here
— The Black Eyed Peas
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Brief Forms

One of the first task is to fill out your project questionnaire. It is very handy for us to have this before our first phone discussion. If you have anything other than a website or brand development project please ignore this step unless told otherwise. Click on one the following links that best fits your project requirement. Note: #3 has two links.

1. Branding/Identity Project Only

2. Website Project Only

3. Branding & Website Project

New Client Contract.

After discussing your project and receiving your client brief you will need to download, sign and return the Bhive Design Co. Client agreement. Once the new client agreement is received we can then book your project into the studio.

1. download, sign and Return
the Client Contract.



Task Management

To keep us on track, we invite you to a task management app called ToDoist. This is where tasks will be delegated to whoever needs to complete the item, as well as corresponding due dates. We usually set reminders for our clients to help stay on track. The first few steps (including your client homework) are already up! Please keep an eye out for your invitation shortly.

Please note you DO NOT have to purchase the professional version of todoist. The free version is all you will need for communication. If you need to upload any files use platforms mentioned in step three and just link to them through todoist. This way we can quickly track files and links where needed.

Todoist Video Tutorial. Password: clientbhive


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Inspiration + Supply of Content

Document any of your visual inspiration for your project using secret boards on Pinterest and inviting the Bhive Design Co. as a contributor to that board. It makes for a great brainstorming area and collaboration space to get the most out of your vision.

Use a file transferring system like wetransfer to send large files like logos or images instead of sending multiple emails.

A Dropbox link or folder is another great option we use in the studio. We prefer Dropbox over Google Drive since it is our main file storage system and it helps keep everything consistent by only having one dedicated area.

We do however recommend using Google Docs for any text or content collaborations. Acceptable alternatives are Word Docs or Apple Pages files for content distribution.


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Video is a popular medium we like to use for showcasing presentations, explainer videos or video tutorials. Loom ( A free browser version ) is a quick and easy way to capture ideas from your browser and Screencast-o-Matic is another application we use for longer videos capturing website training and or presentations. Clients will either receive a link or downloadable mp4 video sometime during our project process. 


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Phone & Email Communication

For focus and productivity reasons, we silent our phones and check emails twice daily. We try to return all voice messages the following business day. Missed calls with no voice messages will be ignored.

If it's a personal and urgent matter, send a text message to Bianca on +61430139670 and we will reply as soon as we can.

Schedule a Meeting

Feel free to schedule a phone meeting, please use our calendly link in our email footers or simply click here.

Depending on the purpose of the meeting, most meetings will take place over phone but occasionally we love to see our clients faces and opt for a virtual meetings using a platform called Zoom.
Clients will receive a zoom link ahead of time with a date and time for the meeting.

Hours of Operation

We love what we do and can eat sleep and breath design every day, but once in a while we need to recharge our creative mojos. Please see below our hours of operation.

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
Australian Eastern Standard Time


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Lets Get Social

It is time to relax and leave the creative bits to us. In the meantime feel free to connect with us online and see what we are streaming on our Spotify Studio Playlist.


And so it begins...

Lets make design Magic!