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The Studio

The Bhive Design Co. is based in Melbourne Australia,
but connects with clients all over the world.

We're a collaborative studio working with other creatives locally + globally giving our clients the advantage of top talent without the agency price tags. We are a team that excels in our craft, but our true strength is forged by a commitment to exceptional client experiences.

We approach each opportunity with genuine empathy, patience, openness and passion, hence the bright happy-go-lucky pink from our brand. We believe in the power of design, thrive on building relationships and helping driven people and organisations succeed through a collaborative process.


Bianca Schurman, Designer & Principal.

Bianca has worked as a designer for over 14 years in a range of industries. Clocking some serious time on branding and communication campaigns to help clients find their voice, project their personality, reach their full potential, and transform their business. Her expertise spans the full creative spectrum from the design of logos, layout of brochures, retail campaigns and annual reports to website development, digital campaigns and photography.

In 2015, she founded the Bhive Design Co. and created a design studio based around a diverse range of creative collaborations. Creating a point of difference as a small studio to offer services only previously known to be available at big agencies. She’s passionate about branding and web design for driven brands in the fashion, food, service, retail and creative industries. She loves creating beautiful identities and experiences, but it is also important to her that every design decision has a purpose.


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